The future of content

At a cost of over $2bn, The Sphere may seem to be just an extension of Las Vegas’ mantra: bigger is better. There are mind-blowing statistics: an 18,600-person capacity, a 16k resolution wrap-around screen inside, and 58,000 sq. ft. of screen space outside. But the most impressive thing about the Sphere from Whitewall’s perspective is not about scale and size; it’s how content is being reimagined all around us, and there are lessons here we that can all learn as we continue to become more and more content dependent. It’s not just Vegas that’s benefitting from advances in content design, creation, and delivery. If you find yourself in London, take a gander at Outernet. Its ever-changing kaleidoscope of incredible, immersive graphics has the crowds gathered at all hours. So, what does all this mean for you and your business? It means thinking about content in terms of both concept and context. It’s important to remember that your customers, partners, employees, and prospects are out there experiencing these incredible shows in their personal lives, and their level of expectation for what content can deliver is extremely sophisticated. What makes us think they won’t expect the same level of immersion and excitement from a piece of content just because it’s “corporate”? The future of content is integrated. It’s about bringing together incredible ideas, talents and objectives and then translating them into experiences that touch hearts and minds. It’s about having the creative agency to dream it and deliver it. And creative agency is something we know about here at Whitewall. Working together with your team, consulting, advising, developing – combining our talents with yours to create content that we can all be proud of. Enabling you to have the creative agency you need to make every moment count. Want to take your content and experiences to the next level? Get in touch.