Stick This in Your Manifesto: Then Do it!

10 Steps to Support the Creative Industries

The creative industries generate $2.25tn a year for the global economy; roughly 3% of the world’s GDP. That’s a lot of zeros.

So, they’re good for the soul and good for the pocketbook. With [insert your preferred option here!] potentially coming to power in the US and the UK in 2024, now is the time for our politicians to stop paying lip service to the creative industries and start putting our money where their mouth is.

Here are my top ten actions that will foster the growth of this cultural and economic powerhouse:

1. More Cash, Less Slash

Stop cutting and start boosting public funding for arts and cultural programs to ensure they’re accessible and vibrant. Support museums, theatres, galleries, and community arts initiatives that enrich lives and unleash imagination.

2. Educate to Elevate

Take a leaf from Sir Ken Robinson’s book and turn education into a playground of creative ideas; stimulating young people to develop their skills as innovators, dreamers, communicators and change-makers.

3. Bring Us to the (Cabinet) Table

If a “Department of Creative Industries” is a bridge too far, why not take Sir Simon Jenkins’ advice in a recent article, and make them part of the remit of the State Department/Foreign Office? Creative exports deliver both hard and soft benefits.

4. We’re Better Together

Create dedicated hubs or clusters for the creative industries that provide shared resources, networking opportunities, and collaboration spaces to stimulate innovation and growth.

5. Everyone is Welcome

Support, promote and fund under-represented groups in the creative industries. Champion diversity and inclusion to ensure that a wider range of voices are part of the conversation.

6. Encourage the Entrepreneurs

Offer grants, low-interest loans, and tax incentives specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups in the creative industries to help them grow and innovate from the outset.

7. Embrace Technology

Invest in high-speed internet and advanced digital tools to support the digital transformation of the creative industries. AI, VR, and AR are changing the world – get on board putting us at the forefront of these transformative technologies.

8. Respect Our IP

Ensure that intellectual property (IP) laws are up-to-date and provide robust protection for creators; encouraging innovation and protecting creators’ rights in the digital age.

9. Make it Easier to Go Global

The role of the creative sector in generating soft power is irrefutable. Negotiate trade agreements that prioritize the export of creative products and services. Provide support for creative businesses looking to enter international markets.

10. Invest to Grow

Provide funding for research and development in the creative industries to explore new materials, techniques, and technologies. This can lead to innovative products and services.

So come on, you guys who are about to get your mitts on the levers of power. If you’re serious about unleashing a vibrant and healthy economy, enriching the lives of millions and building a better future for all of us, it’s time to get Creative!